Walnut oil production and processing technology of today

Walnut oil production and processing technology of today, we give everybody simple introduces some problems about the rancidity of walnut oil, walnut oil rancidity have what problem?, in peacetime should pay attention to how you.
Walnut is a kind of important economic tree species, which plays an important role in the life and foreign trade. With the vigorous development of the walnut walnut production, in addition to the supply of domestic and foreign markets need to be dried, also supply oil consumption. Walnut oil has a high nutritional value, and unsaturated fatty acid content is more than 90%, it is one of the fine woody oil plants. But poor natural antioxidant capacity of walnut oil, during storage, especially after the summer high temperature, easy oxidation and rancidity deterioration and can not eat.
Japan has the walnut oil as a senior health edible oil, in the international market, walnut oil and olive oil are highly favored by consumers, market prospect is broad, a research and development of walnut oil boom has arrived. Therefore, the development and utilization of walnut oil is a very meaningful work.
Walnut oil contains a variety of vitamins and mineral elements, and rich in physiological active substances, in the cell repair, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, anti thrombosis, and other aspects of cell. Linoleic acid, linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids in human body is the precursor of prostaglandin synthesis, can adjust blood pressure, promote metabolism.
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