Why rice bran oil more beneficial to human health?

Why rice bran oil more beneficial to human health? Since the 1990s, rice bran oil as a source of heat and health food, has been widespread concern in many developed countries of the world. It has a fragrance, high temperature frying, long resistant to storage and generate almost no harmful substances, etc., is any kind of vegetable oil unmatched, rice bran oil as cooking oil, has its unique advantages, such as fragrance, multiple high-temperature frying does not change color and resistance to long-term storage and so on. The chemical structure composed of extremely fine rice bran oil.
According to testing, the fatty acids, saturated fatty acids 15-20%, accounting for 80-85% of unsaturated fatty acids, if broken up, accounting for 0.4-1% myristic acid, palmitic acid, accounting for 12-18%, accounting stearate 1-3%, C20-C22 saturated fatty acids 1%, accounting for 40-50% oleic acid, linoleic acid accounting for 29-42%, 1% or less of linolenic acid, palmitoleic accounting for 0.2-0.4%. Rice bran oil also contains vitamin E, squalene, active lipase, sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol alcohol and three kinds of ferulic acid and solid antioxidants and other plant components, the content of 2% to 3% of ferulic acid is an excellent anti-oxidant, anti-oxidants for three ferulic acid rice bran oil oxidation stability played an important role, and the role of the human brain itself, as well as adjust the function of vascular headache, autonomic dysfunction, which are certain preventive effect.
Rice bran oil, after refining, can also be used as raw material in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly used for the preparation of matrix and stabilizers. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential fatty acids, but the body's own synthesis, must be obtained from the outside world. Rice bran oil high levels of linoleic acid can change the distribution of cholesterol in the body, reducing excessive deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, it can be used for hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis prevention. Rice bran oil contains vitamin E, with anti-infertility, protection and control muscle nutritional anemia and so on.
Rice bran oil also has a strong anti-oxidant effect, to protect the unsaturated fatty acids are not oxidized fat brown pigment, thereby maintaining the full functionality of the cell, which is unmatched by other vegetable oils; squalene for high blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, liver sclerosis, tuberculosis, rheumatism, neuralgia embolism have a certain preventive effect; because of its better penetration, diffusion bactericidal and anti-oxidant effect, become excellent material for cosmetics; the use of rice bran oil production of cosmetics, and skin affinity, and good stability, easily oxidized and stratification, is an excellent cosmetic fat. Because it is an essential precursor of several sterols, it has a special role for the cell membrane, which determines the rice bran become JiannaoYizhi functional foods inevitability. Rice bran oil contains sterols and hormones in the human body, can regulate the body's metabolism, to malnutrition effectively, and it have anti-inflammatory, anti-drug, anti-shock and anti-allergic effect; rice bran oil plant in the solid ingredients are plant acid, oil plays an important role in preservation, the extract used in the pharmaceutical industry can be made phytic acid sodium and bismuth salts, for the treatment of gastritis, duodenal ulcers and diarrhea.
Rice bran oil, rice bran oil well needs good equipment, specializing in the production of Zhengzhou First grain and oil rice bran oil equipment, rice bran oil, an active interest in the development of international markets and new technologies, so the domestic rice bran oil equipment industry has been in a leading position.