Hydration degumming

Hydration degumming, removal of crude oil in a process called gum insoluble impurities unglued. The method we use in the actual production in the particular wet degumming is a hydration degumming method.

The basic principle is the use of degummed oils hydrated lecithin insoluble impurities hydrophilic gum, a certain amount of the electrolyte solution is added to the oil, the colloidal impurities absorption, after the oil separated from the coagulation. Where the gum to phospholipid-based. In a few cases the water, the oil within the structure of phospholipids in the form of a salt dissolved and dispersed in oil, when the number of the water, it will absorb water, the volume increases, the colloidal particles are attracted to each other, forming larger micelles, since differences in specific gravity, separable from the oil.

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