Rice bran mechanical compression process

Rice bran mechanical compression process, rice bran is rice processing byproducts, rice bran layer from the large Mi Maipi in preparation of oil, rice bran oil 15% -22%. Rice bran oil is a high quality edible oil, contain the growth of health promoting essential fatty acids, resistant to preserve the advantages of thermal oxidation, etc., is also known as "healthy oil", "nutrition oil." Rice bran oil processing and refining oil into two parts.
Rice bran oil production process, there are two: one is mechanical compression, the other is a solvent extraction method. This paper describes the mechanical compression.
Rice bran mechanical compression process: cleaning, steaming and roasting, make the cake, pressing, filtration.

Rice bran mechanical compression technology manufacturing operations:
  1. Cleaning: Available winnowing, screening and other methods to remove the broken rice bran and other impurities inside.
  2, steaming and roasting: the bran directly into the flat-bottomed wok, the speed of 40 rev / min, the water is about 6.5% -7.5%, temperature 120 ℃, steaming and roasting time is 10 minutes. Or steamed rice bran into the vertical multi-wok, add water to make up to 25% moisture content, steaming and roasting 490-686.6 kPa pressure for an end to a temperature of 130 ℃, water content of 4% -5%.
  3, to make cakes: steamed fried blanks made into bread machine spiral press into the cake. Make cakes faster.
  4, press: 90 type or 95 type pressing machine press, when the press first fast-pressed, for about 3-5 minutes, then slowly squeezed until the majority of the oil is squeezed out and then carry on and drain, drain oil at high pressure booster pump to the vertex.
  5, filter: The filter press with good hair bran oil on canvas or double white oil filter, the filter temperature control at 70 ℃. Squeezed out of wool bran oil, must be refined in order to eat.

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