Centrifugal oil filter

Centrifugal oil filter, is the use of its high-speed rotation from the heart, so that pollution levels in different lubricant oil, water and impurities are subject to different centrifugal force and rapid separation.
Separation principle use a mixture of different density and immiscible light and heavy liquid and solid phases, different principles of settling velocity obtained in a centrifugal force field or gravitational field, to delamination or separation of solid particles in the liquid Settlement the purpose. Mixture in the gravitational field or centrifugal force field of light and heavy liquid and solid phases with different densities and immiscible, were given different settling velocity, thereby separating the layers, called gravitational separation in the gravitational field, called centrifugal separation centrifugal field.

1, the centrifugal separation: etching solution mixed in the high rotation of the drum, having a different density to a multi-component under the action of centrifugal force, an annular, density maximum outward movement of the solid particles accumulate in the peripheral wall of the drum, the light phase the innermost layer of liquid, the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation of the drum is much greater than the gravity, and therefore requires very little time, i.e. a centrifugal separator to obtain the effect of gravity separation, particularly when the gravity separation is not possible, only the method of centrifugal separation applications.
2, gravity separation: Mixed eclipse liquid sedimentation tanks, heavy density of solid particles gradually sinking slowly under the influence of Earth's gravity, eventually the liquid will become clear, and the density of the liquid at the top of the light. Gravity separation takes a long time, take a lot of space.

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