Dewaxing process

Dewaxing process, oil refining process in the entire business process of oil can be said to be a process is very important, is the process and the process of high quality edible oil must pass through, with linseed oil as an example. High-quality flax seed oil production of 6 de: dewaxing, deacidification, dehydration, deodorization, dephosphorization, degreasing. It can be said that to achieve the 1, 2 standard oil level must dewaxing.
Dewaxing process principle is frozen, because the wax below 0 degrees will be with the decrease of temperature and crystallization. Has its own rules and temperature requirements of wax crystallization, not frozen temperature the lower the better, too low will increase the loss, and the effect will be counterproductive.
In the national standard test method for edible oil dewaxing is qualified or not is freezing test: standing for 5.5 hours at 0 degree, and then return to see whether there is the crystallization and opaque phenomenon at room temperature after. If there is or the transparency of the poor, then the dewaxing effect is not too good, or is not qualified. In short, want to get good linseed oil is the need for oil refining process, especially the dewaxing process.

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