Oilseed crushing

Oilseed crushing the purpose and requirements, before oil flaking, large particles of oil must be broken.Its purpose is through the broken make oil has a certain size in order to conform to the condition of rolling billet, oilseed crushing after surface area increased, softening temperature and moisture transfer, softening effect, for particles in a big press cake pieces, it must be broken also become smaller pie pie piece, more conducive to take oil leaching.After oilseed crushing granularity and no oil, no clouds, less into powder, particle size requirements.
Soybean crushing granularity for 4 ~ 6 disc, the broken bean powder are controlled by 20 mesh per inch screen less than 10%.Peanut crushing grain size is 6 ~ 8 disc, powder are controlled by 20 mesh per inch screen less than 5%.The maximum length of diagonal to squeeze cake after crushing is 6 ~ 10 mm.

In order to meet the requirements of the broken, it is necessary to control the broken when the moisture content of oil.Moisture content is too high, oil is not easy to broken, and easily get squashed.Out of the oil.Still can cause unfavorable eat material crushing equipment, yields, etc.;Moisture content is too low, the broken oil powder degree increased, oil powder is easy to stick together form a group.
In addition, the temperature of the oil will affect crushing effect.Powder after hot oilseed crushing degree is small, cold oilseeds and breaking up of powder, usually is suitable for crushing moisture is 10% ~ 10%, soybean and peanut is suitable for crushing the moisture is 7% ~ 12%.