The amazing design of oil mill

The hydraulic oil machinery  is called oil press machine, professional equipment can also press sesame, peanut, walnut and so on oil crops. Because of its small area, low power consumption, good quality oil in our country, urban and rural areas extraction square is widely used.


The equipment hydraulicoil machinery  before applying for inspection and debugging.

1. Pump test before the first clean the machine oil or vegetable oil in the oil tank, press the handle down, looking at the piston oil press is rising. If the piston does not rise in pressure or handle easily, to check the valve of oil tank, and remove the air pipe.

2. The pressure test by the test, the pressure is 1.25 times the working pressure, check the piston out to the maximum working stroke, pressure for 15 minutes, pressure decrease value shall not exceed the test pressure of 4%; all the oil should be no leakage phenomenon; in all the pressure is removed, the pressure gauge pointer back to "0", there should be no damage to parts there shall be no significant deformation, pull rod, the moving parts have no card phenomenon.

3 . Reliability test of safety valve, safety valve to work pressure, continuous test 5 times, the needle valve opening and closing the valve after the pressure sensitive, each jump meter shall not be lower than the rated working pressure.


The famous in China of oil mill manufacturer :