The development of oil mill equipment

Refining equipment is an important member of press equipment manufacturing industry, not only reflects the domestic oil technology level and product quality, but also an important symbol to measure the development level of domestic oil equipment. In the fierce competition in the oil equipment manufacturing capacity, only a solid, it may be the advanced equipment manufacturing output, high value products.

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With the industrial 4 and promote further development of oil refining equipment industry, domestic oil press equipment manufacturers raging like a storm, also to achieve the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing contribute. Refining equipment with the fruits of development, but still has a long way to go, what are the specific needs of enterprises to make improvements, small  oil machinery  made the following analysis:


1, the rapid development momentum should not be overlooked, but the domestic equipment manufacturing is big but not strong is the fact that most domestic enterprises are still hovering in the low-end development areas, high-end products are monopolized by foreign countries. In order to seize the international market, breaking the technical barriers, the main high-end technology products, in order to narrow the gap;

2, automation technology and functional components of the product also lags behind the development of the industry, this technology needs to press equipment manufacturers and major colleges and universities, to cooperate fully with the Institute, such as  Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co., ltd  and Henan Machinery Research Institute, Henan University of Technology to implement new technologies, new areas of research and practice;

3, the current domestic technology is backward, is because of the late start, backward shows great potential for development. The domestic oil refining equipment should focus on the rationalization of the structure adjustment and upgrading, efforts to develop the independent innovation ability of the impact, so as to avoid weaknesses, achieve industrial system development.


High profits of oil mill machinery in China :