Physical refining

Distilling off the acid method, also known as physical refining method, a crude oil that is not a free fatty acid and the reaction carried out with bases, but by vacuum steam distillation to achieve the objects in one deacidification refining method. Physical refining is the development of modern oil refining new technologies, it centrifuge continuous alkali refining, oil mixed alkali refining, Zenith France tied for today's four advanced edible oil refining technology.

So far, any of the bases and to the deacidification process, although each has certain advantages, but a common drawback is: consumption adjuvant; neutral oil is inevitably a part of saponified; wastewater pollution of the environment; from byproducts when recovering fatty acid soap, need to go through complex processing sectors; particularly for the high acid crude oil refinery, the oil refining consumption of large, poor economic results. Thus as early as the 1970s, it was proposed to replace the physical refining chemical refining ideas. With the technology and equipment and other key technology breakthroughs, physical refining. Has been the first palm oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, refining, and gradually extended to the broader field of soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn germ oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, olive oil and beef tallow and lard, etc. become one of the main methods currently the world's oil deacidification. Caused by physical refining oil scientists and entrepreneurs such importance is due to the same alkali refining, compared with a physical refining process is simple, raw and auxiliary materials province, high yield, good economic returns, to avoid the loss of neutral oil saponification, highly refined efficiency, good stability, high quality can be obtained direct byproduct - fatty acids, and there is no advantage wastewater pollution. Especially for some high acid value oil deacidification, its superiority is more prominent. For example, alkali refining palm oil deacidification, the best index of the refining is usually 1.3 to 1.8, and the index of physical refining refining easily reached 1.10. When the free fatty acid content of 5%, the physical refining can be more alkali refining refining rate increase of 1% to 3.5%, the same acid value of oil refining process using different deacidification different effects.

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