Soybean dehulling

Soybean dehulling process has two kinds of cold hot dehulling . Soybean dehulling is the traditional cold dehulling technology. Soybean cold dehulling process will be cleaned of soybean in the drying tower is composed of a hot air heating and drying to moisture content of about 10%, the drying temperature is 70 DEG C - 80 DEG C, and then stay 24-72 hours in the storage at ambient temperature, after entering the toothed roll crusher, broken into 4-6 flap. Isolation and screening of crushing soybean kernel and hull and separated by winnowing, bean to billet by softening, bean curd is collected separately.

The main features of the process are: after drying and cooling of the Yuba is crisp, soybean hull easily after breaking from bean off separation, but broken bean powder degree, broken hulls and broken bean benevolence is not easy to improve the separation, and after peeling, cold soybean kernel need to heat softening, so that the steam consumption increase.
At present, is used more soybean hot dehulling process. Hot dehulling process according to the requirements of the peeling rate, can be divided into half peeling and full dehulling two. Peeling semi dehulling rate is generally 60% to 70%, peeling the whole dehulling rate reaches above 90%, rate of kernel oil content in skin by less than 1.5% containing skin.

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