Centrifugal sheller

Centrifugal sheller is under the action of centrifugal force, the shell oil into the equipment after crashing device wall, a device of its shell is broken, a vertical centrifugal sheller, horizontal centrifugal sheller, one of the most common vertical centrifugal sheller.

Vertical centrifugal sheller is also called turbo sheller, is special equipment for peeling sunflower seeds. It is composed of a feed hopper, a rotary drum, transmission mechanism and a chassis and other components. When working, sunflower seeds into the feed hopper discharge door, adjusted to fall rapidly rotating on a turntable, sunflower seeds are high-speed thrown to the four chaos first by the turntable plate impact; shell of sunflower seed is broken, then, rupture and sunflower seeds has not broken again through high speed of impact to the baffle plate, so that further broken, in order to achieve full peeling purpose. From the baffle plate falling nut and shell together into the discharge port machine, further separation.
Advantages of vertical centrifugal sheller is processing a large quantity; husking efficiency is high, up to 9%0; whole rate reached 70 and 80%, crushing degree is small; a plate utilization rate is high, and has the advantages of compact structure, saving power. The disadvantage is the equipment structure is more complex, more trouble starts operation adjustment.

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